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Adopt an Alpaca

Love alpacas but can't own one? Adopt one for the year!

Fun, affordable, a great way to start!

Wildwood Alpacas has had a very successful "Adopt an Alpaca" program for many
years.  What is it, you say?  Well, it's a great way to get into alpacas, even if you cannot
purchase one right now.  And it's affordable, making it a great gift to that animal
enthusiast we all know and love.  We've had adoptions from as far away as Paris, France
and the United Arab Emirates, as well as New York City and locally here in Virginia.

Here is how the program works!  Contact us and we'll set you up.

There are two convenient program levels, depending on what you are interested in.

Full:  The premiere adoption program is perfect for that alpaca and fiber enthusiast. 

The price of this adoption is $225 for the year.  Upon payment, you will select your alpaca.  We're happy to provide you with information about the alpacas available so you will be familiar with their personality and other traits and to help you pick the right one for you!  You will receive a signed adoption certificate, an 8x10 glossy color photo of your alpaca, a copy of the alpaca's registration so you can see who they are related to, regular personal emails from your adoptee telling about farm life from their point of view, invitations to come to the farm and visit your adoptee, the opportunity to halter train, help with 'health day' or otherwise work with your alpaca when you come to the farm, a ten percent discount on purchases at the farm store for alpaca products and your alpaca's fleece when it is sheared during the year of your adoption.

Lite:  The basic adoption program is great for those who just love alpacas, but might not be ready to use their fleece.

The price of this adoption is $100 for the year. You will basically get everything listed above in the full package, except for the fleece.  We'll keep that and make some nice yarn to sell in the store.


* Note to adopters:  The alpacas on our farm are also for sale.  Occasionally, an alpaca that has been adopted has been selected by a buyer and may be sold during the term of the adoption year.  Should that occur, you will be invited to select a different alpaca for the balance of your adoption period.

Updated November 02, 2020