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Wildwood Alpacas

Breeding for excellence in fiber and temperament

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Summertime is time for the new crias to soak up the sun, run around playing, building up those nice straight legs while their moms enjoy the green grass. Lots of sunbathing going on in all the pastures and sometimes cars driving by the farm stop to make sure the animals are still breathing! The fans are on and we hose everyone down a couple times a day, which they love. Please call 540 604-4914 if you'd like to visit.

PacaBelle loves visitors

The boys check out a new female.

A mom and her first born cria

Wildwood Alpacas is a small, hands-on farm located in historic Virginia between Bowling Green and Fredericksburg. Our goal is to breed healthy, easily handled alpacas with the exquisite fleece we need to be competitive in the fiber industry. We are breeding to elite males with the goal of steadily improving fiber characteristics of our animals. Most of our alpacas, including the whites and lights, have dark color genetics. We own or co-own over 10 champion herdsires, of all colors. Through investing in breedings to awesome herdsires and partnering with successful breeders, we have improved the quality of our crias every year.

We are pleased to see a resurgence of interest in alpacas and lots of "new people" coming into alpaca farming, just as we did 14 years ago, with no agricultural experience! We are anxious to help and mentor newcomers.

Besides alpacas, we also have a wide variety of pastured chickens and are breeding Bielefelders, an auto-sexing, dual-purpose breed who lay large brown eggs. Wildwood is also home to two English Shepherds, a rare, landrace breed of old-time farm collies.

In this economy, flexible financing is critical to getting started. For most sales financing includes 20% down payment and quarterly payments at Prime plus 1% equal payments for the balance until paid off. Of course if you are purchasing multiple animals you will receive a discount based upon size of purchase and payment options can also be flexible. Talk to us about your proposal and we will do our best to meet both your and our needs.